Car Finance Brokers

How Vehicle Connect can help you find a car AND the best car financing in Australia.

What is a Car Finance Broker?

A finance broker is a “go-between” who usually arranges loans for a fee—paid by you, or the lender, or both. For instance, a finance broker can help you find and apply for car loans, saving you time and money. Aside from that, they can help you navigate through everything you need to find the right car loan type and a competitive rate to match your financial needs.

On top of that, a car finance broker can be of great service if you want a good deal but don’t have the time to get quotes from multiple direct lenders.

Let’s breakdown the advantages that you can get out of getting a finance broker.

Benefits of a Car Finance Broker

There plenty of ways to take home a new car, but there are also smarter and more efficient ways to do it!

Car Finance Brokers are Free

One of the top reasons why a finance broker is a great choice is that they're free. Any service rendered on your behalf is available without any charges. Aside from that, all enquiries are free and you are not obliged to pay anything ahead for any of the options being presented to you by the finance broker.

Specifically, car loan brokers specialise in car finance loans and are commission-based. Meaning, if you aren’t satisfied with a certain loan product and decide not to acquire it, these brokers won’t get paid. The broker is paid directly by the lender you choose.

Gives You the Best Car Buying and Loan Options

Finance car brokers have been in the industry for years and their experience is top-notch. They are equipped with the knowledge of which lenders and their products are best suited to clients. As such, you can rest assured that they can provide you with expert analysis in terms of finding the best car loan for your circumstances. Aside from that, you can guarantee that they will present your financial profile and car finance application to potential lenders in the best way possible.

Car finance brokers communicate well with their clients, so you can expect them to establish and evaluate your financial profile and needs.

Car Finance Brokers are Time Efficient

As much as you want to do things on your own, sometimes work and responsibilities can get in the way. When you can’t go out and negotiate on your car purchase, repayments and interest rates, you can rely on a finance broker to do these things on your behalf. Finance brokers will look for various loans and lenders, request quotes for you and provide you with a comparison. Aside from that, they will collect information regarding your financial situation. The broker will then present you with a shortlist of the best options for you and help you decide which one best suits your car financing needs.

In short, they will save you from all the hassle. Just as they save you time, eventually they can help you save money, too.

Access to the Best Car Dealers and Suppliers in Australia

Along with years of experience, finance brokers have established relationships with a range of lenders over the years. They have built a network of people, specifically lenders on the market to help you score a competitive rate. Imagine, instead of spending hours or even days finding the right lender or finance option, you can simply have this information right away from the broker. With them, you can receive different loan offers from different lenders with one application.

Personalised Car Buying Experience

Working one-on-one with a finance broker means you will be provided with personalised services based on your specific needs. Even after office hours, you can still contact them for any enquiries or concerns that you have in mind.

A tailored-fit loan option will be provided to you, taking into account your personal circumstances and how much you can comfortably afford. After checking your personal information, your finance broker will get in touch with their network of lenders to find a loan that’s suited to your personal needs.

Credit File Protection

Your credit report is negatively affected whenever a potential lender checks your credit history. Just imagine the impact when there are three or more lenders checking your credit file. You can avoid this by working with a car finance broker. Your broker will confirm your credit once before sending your application on to the potential lenders.

Car Finance Brokers are Convenient

Working with car finance brokers means ultimate convenience for you. They take all of the legwork out of sourcing car finance and reduce the stress and strain of shopping around. They will communicate with the lenders, compare what they can offer, and come back to you with the options that they believe will suit you best. On top of that, once you have found the right car, the broker can negotiate the price of the vehicle on your behalf with the car dealer or private seller.

Having a broker around means that you will have more time for other important tasks and you can rely on them to negotiate the ultimate deal on your behalf.

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