Buying Cars and Car Dealers

Vehicle Connect is here to help you make an informed decision when buying a car and choosing a car loan.

Should You Buy a New or Used Car?

You may already have a dream car in mind, however, is it suitable for your needs? If you buy a new car, you can expect that it would be more expensive than a used car—on top of that it is subjected to quick depreciation. However, you can rely on it to be around, with minimal repairs necessary, for a long time.

Buying a used car would be much cheaper than buying a new car, however, used cars tend to be prone to requiring repairs and replacement parts.

Whether you choose to buy a new or used car, Vehicle Connect can help you find the exact car model you're after and refer you to reliable lenders.

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What Do 0% Loans Mean?

When lenders or car dealers in Sydney say "zero percent" it does not mean "nothing". Although it may sound tempting, you need to be careful as it may mean that the dealer plans on adding hidden charges or penalties and they may even coax you into buying an older car at the retail price.

At Vehicle Connect, we make sure that our clients are connected with trustworthy and reputable lenders and/or financial institutions. What you see is what you get—no hidden charges! Buying a car with us ensures security and satisfaction.

A Reliable Car Loan Agreement Helps You Manage Your Budget

Vehicle Connect will find you a reliable lender or financial institution to help you buy your car. If you buy a car with finance, you can make repayments monthly. This gives you an idea of how to manage your resources; since you know how much you should put aside for your loan, you can manage the rest of your funds for your other needs.

Should You Buy Private or Dealer Purchase?

Like most things in life, both private and dealer purchases have pros and cons. You just need to know what your priorities are.

Private purchase is cheaper as you will be doing everything on your own: you will have to travel to the dealers, experience no-shows and handle all the paperwork involved in the car buying process.

Dealer purchase is more expensive, however, this saves you from a lot of trouble. This kind of purchase guarantees that you are protected by the consumer law and you are entitled to after-sales support. At Vehicle Connect, we would like you to have the best of both worlds and we offer you convenience and security without breaking your bank. We will connect you with a trustworthy car dealer in Sydney and get you the best price, guaranteed.

We'll Beat ANY Quote by $250

Vehicle Connect may be well-known as a car buying service provider, but you also do not have to look any further for reliable car loans and car dealers in Sydney. We will help you find the car of your dreams AND the car loan that is suitable for your situation. We can help you secure the best rate with the best terms.