Procurement Service Terms and Conditions

  1. Service

1.1. Connect Auto Group Pty Ltd (“we”, “us”) undertakes to use reasonable endeavours to locate the motor dealer with the lowest price offer for the vehicle within your specifications.

1.2. At our discretion we may charge a $500 + GST procurement fee if the transaction with the proposed dealer is not concluded in circumstances where we consider we have made reasonable endeavours to locate a suitable vehicle in accordance with your specifications and you have not proceeded to purchase the vehicle.  Payment must be made within 48 hours of the invoice being issued to you.  The parties acknowledge that time and effort is expended by us to locate a suitable vehicle for you once we proceed with our search and if you withdraw it is reasonable that we be compensated.  If payment is not made we have no obligation to continue the service.  This charge will not apply should you proceed to purchase the vehicle through our recommended motor dealer and will be refunded or credited to the purchase (as we elect) if the purchase is subsequently made.

1.3 You must be specific in your choice of model and options when directing us to find a vehicle on your behalf.  In order to get the best possible price, you acknowledge you must authorise us to broker your deal completely and you cannot undertake separate or parallel negotiations with this or any other dealer whilst we are negotiating a purchase on your behalf.  If you change your mind we must be informed as soon as possible and you are solely responsible for the legal consequences should we be engaged by you and arrange a commitment to purchase on your behalf and you then communicate your intention to withdraw after the sale or the payment of a deposit on your behalf is effected.  We may charge an additional procurement fee for every change of mind should we consider that reasonable endeavours have been made to locate a vehicle and you then subsequently change your mind on model and/or options that you have specified.

  1. Engagement with the motor dealer

2.1. In all other respects, your contractual relationship in respect of the purchase of the vehicle of your choice is with the motor dealer selected and the contractual purchase of the vehicle will be with the motor dealer directly, not through us.

2.2.  Accordingly we are not responsible for warranty issues, or any other contractual matter to do with the purchase of the vehicle.  We can (at our discretion) assist you in the event you find yourself in dispute with the motor dealer for any reason within the first 3 months of ownership of the vehicle.  However, this is at our discretion and your primary point of contact must be with the motor dealer in question.

2.3. We are not engaged to provide advice on the reliability or suitability of any make or model of car or options for you and your circumstances and even though we may seek information regarding your circumstances that is for background purposes only not to advise you on a choice of vehicle.  Our sole responsibility is to make reasonable endeavours to find the best possible price for the make and model of vehicle you specify after you have conducted your own research and made your own decision in choosing the vehicle that best suits you.  We are not engaged to provide advice nor should you rely upon us to provide advice on the best make and model of vehicle for you individual circumstances.